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How to Find the Perfect Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photographs are one of the most important keepsakes you will take away from your special day. They hold all of your memories from one of the happiest days of your life and you will be itching to share them as soon as you receive them back.

That being said, your photographer plays a huge role in the final look of these photographs. They are the key factor in how they will turn out. To find the best photographer to help you bring your wedding to life through pictures you must make sure you do your due diligence in vetting your photographer and that means looking at not one, but many different photographers and also many different styles of their recent and less recent shoots. It’s imperative that you take your time & look at many factors. And while it may feel like you are taking a long time to find the perfect photographer, remember the importance they hold in your wedding day. There is no rush here.

Set a date & book your wedding venue

Wedding photographers are high in demand and many book months in advance. It is best to start your hunt for your photographer after you have secured a date and a venue so that you can ensure the photographer you want is available on those dates. There’s nothing worse than falling in love with a photographer only to find out they are booked solid on the date of your wedding.

Understand the style of photography

While you are in the initial stages of planning your wedding, start looking at some wedding photography

What styles are you drawn to?

Are you a fan of white & black photographs?

Maybe you prefer a photographer who works to make the colours pop?

Think about how you want your wedding day, dress and venue portrayed in pictures. Take the time to dive into different photographers' portfolios & see whose aesthetic matches yours. Reach out to each photographer and check their availability & pricing. If they are a match, set up a time to chat.

Interview the photographer

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to ask your candidates all your photography & wedding questions. In order to get the best possible prints back from your wedding, you want to make sure that you and your potential photographer share the same visions. It's important that you and your photographer can share more than just a love for weddings. You want to ensure that you also feel comfortable and get along with them on a deeper level.

If you are dealing with a company that has many different photographers make sure you find out who will be shooting your wedding and get as much information on them as possible.

Wedding pricing and packages

You want to ensure you understand the total cost for your wedding photography. Different photographers will include different items in their wedding & bridal packages. Some will have an hourly rate with additional add ons, while others may have a flat rate. Be sure you understand what you will be receiving from your session as well. Before you meet with your photographer be sure you know what is important to you that should be included.

Pro tip: Make sure the potential photographer cares more about how they can make your wedding day special than simply promoting their packages

Get a timeline

Be sure you understand the timeline & when you can expect to see your first proofs from your wedding day. Understanding your photographer's timeline will help you to set realistic expectations and manage your excitement while waiting for them.

Take your time while choosing your wedding photographer. They play an important role in your big day and you want to feel fully confident with your decision. While the above steps may seem lengthy the time spent qualifying your photographer will pay off in the long run.

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