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Kelowna Boudoir Photography Journey ~ by Theresa Easter

Step back to 2015. I purchased my first professional camera & like many photographers my initial goal was to capture photos of our children & our day to day lives. I started capturing photos of friends & their families and the rest just took off! Referrals from my friends to their friends; then i connected with local businesses and my photography business bloomed. I will forever be grateful to my friends for their referrals & for everyone that booked me as I was learning.

A big part of my photography business is connecting with local women & local businesses in the Okanagan. When I started photographing boudoir in 2017 it opened up a whole new vision for how I wanted my photography business to go going forward; who I wanted to connect with & a style of photography I fell in love with. I had all these amazing ideas for empowering women through my lens!

Valentines Day 2017 I took a jump into boudoir photography for the first time! I rented a hotel room at a local downtown Kelowna hotel and posted about these sessions through my professional and personal page. I advertised the shoot at the cost to just cover the hotel booking. To my surprise I had so many amazing women I knew ready to dive in with me!

From there on I continued photographing boudoir sessions in clients own homes, outdoor sessions and in my own bedroom! yes you heard that right. I would take hours cleaning the house and the room prepping for these sessions before and after. I would change all the bedding before and after the session & create a space for shooting.

Fast forward to June 2022 and I opened up my own studio in Kelowna and I had my first in-studio session. I had been photographing indoor sessions all along but being able to style the environment & create a private, safe space for my clients was such a huge step for me. It felt AMAZING to fulfill this vision & to have my own space to shoot in. Over this past year of having my studio I have been lucky to have many returning clients and also so many new clients. As a photographer when a client books with you for a boudoir session (or any session) it is such an honour. Boudoir is a very vulnerable session, for some it can be emotional or a fear they are over coming. It can be a celebration of themselves or a gift for someone special. And when I am contacted and booked for these sessions I feel so honoured to be entrusted with this session and these images.

If you have any questions about boudoir photography or are looking for a boudoir photographer in the Okanagan I would love to chat more with you!

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